My Blogging Life 

Ghandoora, is my nickname, was from the beginning a personal urge to share a content with people who have the same interests as I do. Fashion isn't a necessity, it is a game and the most interesting part about it is that rules are changing everyday. I've created this blog in 17th.July.2010, and due to a lot of passion and motivation I worked to create the best inspirational content as possible. As a Jordanian, my main focus is quality and not quantity. With polished/editorial inspired pictures and an elegant layout Ghandoora scored after a couple of months some prestigious collaborations.

My blog has become my life such as it is the most enriching job, with a dedicated team we work to create and organize the blog, we always come up with new ideas and concepts. It is all about making my readers travel with me, making them discover new brands, new products or even new places to visit. Ghandoora is the window of my lifestyle and a love story since almost four years.

My Stardoll.com Life

Today among the blogs I worked with such as "Stardoll's Most Wanted" as a Blogger for three years. After only six months of blogging I had the chance to be in "Elite List" and nominated as "Best Writer Award 2011". Being in the "Semi Finalist in Miss Stardoll World competition 2011 - Asia representing my country Jordan" and had various important press features.

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