Friday, October 02, 2015

PART TWO Before couple of months, I made a review about my favorite kind of lip balm Labello, and today I am sharing with you my review about Chap-Ice! A "Value Pack" of Lip Balm is an excellent thing to keep in the closet, drawer, purse, pocket, coat pocket, kitchen, bathroom, bedside table, living room and on the table by the front door because you just can't leave lip balm in the car! And since Autumn is about to come, then go and buy one of it, it protects your lips, heals dry and chapped lips to an extent, moisturizes lips really well and keeps lips hydrated for a long time. It does not claim to provide 12 hour moisturisation but it definitely keeps your lips moisturized for good 4-5 hours and after that re-application is needed.

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