Sunday, September 06, 2015

I AM BACK Happy Sunday everybody! Another fun month is starting, and we are getting closer and closer to winter! Soooo excited, so many fun thing in mind to do! Today I have for you Instagoodies post, because I didn't have much time to make some photos. Here I will show you some cool pieces from my Instagram. Honestly I can’t believe that I am finally back with this type of blogging. I gotta admit, I kind of forgot about Instagoodies, though I love it so much! Hmm … last Instagoodies was on October,16,2014…Opps! Find it HERE. I think I have told you before how much I love Instagram, I find it better and more focused than Facebook and you can find loads of interesting tips! Sometimes I only post pictures on Instagram, without uploading them to Facebook as well. CLICK HERE follow me on Instagram. Love, G

Yummy oriental sweets // Bashamil love

Oriental sweets: Warbat // Faculty of Business (JU)

Baking essential! // Early morning

Out and about! // Done by Chef.Ghadeer

Section G - Second exam of "Jordanian Industries" // Home-made pastries

 Who can read my cup? // Cloudy morning

Baking with love Grep-fruit cup cake // New in: Dove

The power of Nesquik // Bye bye my hair

 Early morning at the university // Was watching "The Return of Superman"

Harreseh // Rainy day 9:38 AM

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