Thursday, August 06, 2015

 ARABIAN FOOD I was planning during the month of Ramadan, to post Middle Eastern recipes where you can try them at home, but my plans didn't go at as I thought! Anyway, today I am sharing with you pictures for one of my favorite recipes so far warak enab bi zeit (stuffed grape leaves). Hmmm .. Where to begin on this wonderous creation? Before I go any further, I have to start off by saying I adore stuffed grapeleaves or warak enab, or maashi in arabic. This is yummy dish that is made throughout the Eastern Mediterranean – including the Arab world. 

  Stuffed grape leaves are not hard to make; but they are nuisance to make, which is why they are generally served for special occasions such as christmas, easter, guests coming over, that type of thing. They don't even take that long to cook; but the rolling is the issue. The dish of grape leaves is often served as an appetizer in restaurants throughout Jordan. But, in homes, it's one of many main dishes served at the table. So you will often have molokhia, chicken, grape leaves and cucumber yogurt salad all in one sitting. Or, as we do at home on occasion, you can make the grape leaves as a main dish and eat it with a salad.

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