Tuesday, August 18, 2015

  House of Bluebird addresses the differing inter-generational attitudes of Koreans towards work; and the conflict between the desire to fulfill personal dreams and the need to make a living.

HELLO I am finally back to blogging after I finished my summer course in the university, sorry for lack of posts! Well, new idea came up to my mind, since I am so interested in Korea (literally everything about it) I am going to add a new section to the blog "Korean Corner" this time I am doing this review post for Korean drama I have been watching since May, I am

I have been watching Korean drama since 2009, I have never been into a series like this! This one was completely different from other series, I mean how can a drama be sooo real?! I really treasured this drama very much. Watched the whole of it without missing an episode. I liked how is it funny, very emotional, well written script, very good cast and acting and director. I really loved the ending and it's obvious that it is a happy ending for all.

Genre: Domestic | Romance | Comedy | Drama
Written by: Choi Hyun-kyung & Park Pil-joo
Directed by: Ji Byung-hyun
Starring: Lee Joon-hyuk, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Sang-yeob, Kyung Soo-jin
Composer: Lee Ji-yong
Original language: Korean
No. of episodes: 50

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