Thursday, July 02, 2015

OUT AND ABOUT If you are looking for a calm atmosphere for girls talk, then head to "Goa Cafe", a french style cafe located in al Madinah Street in Amman. This is one of the hidden places I like to go to when I am not in the mood for bumping into others, the cafe is quite small, well decorated and has quite good service. It isn't for you if you are looking to go out and meet new or even old faces, it's the place you head to when you want to talk, and well, hmm.. listen. Dessert is super, from Cozmo's bakery, which is a great one by the way. Food is sometimes delicious other times okay, although I don't go there for the food. So, if you are in Amman these days, give it a try and enjoy the summer nights out there. xoxo

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