Saturday, July 18, 2015

JULY, 17TH What a special couple of days it was, please excuse my lack of updates on the blog. The meaning of “crazy” just took a completely new dimension lately as we are finished fasting Ramadan and having Eid Al-fitr. Not only my days were jam packed classes and pray but so many incredible things just kept happening on and on, keeping my mind completely focused in the moment. I knew that I’d have so much to tell you once I am finishing this summer course! It was definitely worth waiting.

So yesterday, July.17th was my blog's 4th birthday!!! How absolutely insane is it? I still can’t believe that time flew by so quickly and that so much happened. Looking back at it gives me goosebumps. Your support and loyalty keeps blowing my mind everyday and I guess my biggest goal this year is to give it back to you even more. Ghandoora’s birthday means a celebration for all of us, me and as well as ALL of you guys, incredible readers who give life to the content. Without you, nothing would be possible. So to me it’s kind of like your birthday too… Some of you have been following the blog since the very beginning, some just started but created fan clubs, send me each week drawings, pictures, collages, some comment on every picture… There’s so much love going on! You guys have made me live the most crazy couple of years of my life.

Keep up with me guys, I have my eyes and ears open and I want to get to know you all better. Thank you SO much for being part of this incredible adventure. From the bottom of my heart, I send you all my love.

Happy Birthday Ghandoora!!! xoxo
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