Saturday, June 06, 2015


SLICING UP THE GOOD STUFF If you love the taste, the crisp, the cheese and the hands-on experience of pizza, "Le Saj" or "صاج بالعربية" the motherland of making it. Known for its deep dish and thin crust, pizza – complex, saucy and smothered with mozzarella. Chicken Pizza is my favorite I would like to have after my classes in the university, every time I go there, I find Le Saj very crowded of university students, but this thing is reasonable and the sandwiches are worthy! The menu is rich of sandwiches and pizzas all of them are made on saj. The spicy zinger sandwich, the chicken pizza, cheese, pepperoni and finally the vegetarian all of them are extremely yummy! The sandwiches are made in front of your eyes and the high quality ingredients are always fresh!
I recommend everyone to try this restaurant, especially if you are a student at University of Jordan (JU) or Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT), make it your first option and pass by to taste the their incredible sandwiches! Who can resist when it comes to Pizza? 

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