Wednesday, June 17, 2015

LIPS LIPS! There are just too many lip balms these days. Different kind, different shapes, different prices, its pretty overwhelming!! I have used some of them, but still Labello are my most favorite go to lip balm for everyday use. Well, when I first saw Labello lip balms, I was immediately taken back by their shape. The design is something simple, yet beautiful and cheap! I picked some of mine up at pharmacy, and some at a supermarket. I have been using Labello for more than six years, and almost tried most of their lip balms, my favorite one was "Labello Soft Rose". I go through lip-balms like crazy. I wear them all the time. Then, I took it off before I drink water or eat. Then I reapply again. Even at night, I am a pretty restless sleeper and my lip balms wear off with 2-3 hours. So when I wake up, I have hardly noticed much difference when I use Labello. In fact, Labello stays on longer than lip butters like Body Shop! What about you? Next time, I am going to make a review about ChapIce lip balm. Stay tuned beauties!

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