Sunday, May 24, 2015

MEDOLL MAKEOVER So bad I did't managed to have the time to make a party and celebrate my sixth year on (world largest online community for girls and boys to dress-up)! For who following me since I have started the blog, would realize how much my medoll aka Ghandoora has changed her style (plastic surgery hehe). 

A lot of you guys wonder and keep asking me how my medoll looks like a real girl? Well, the secret is that when I planned how would my medoll looks like, I put in my head that I want her to looks like the girl my dream girl (the girl I want to be when I get older) so I focused on the small details from eyes, nose, lips and so on! Recently, I have been a way from this website, I feeling I'm getting old and I have much important responsibilities and things to do in my real life, but when I came back today, I found so many changes in the website and also a new thing Stardoll release in Transform shop which is it CONTOUR! The prices range from 10 to 24 stardollars which is it pretty good! Today, I made some visits for other dolls, it seems that not so many have tried the contour yet, and fewer who looking fabulous. I tried to make my medoll to look like ready for a night dinner or special event with smokey eyes and natural lip tone! What do you think? 

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