Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FREEDOM is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about the adventures I have lived the last couple of weeks in my university. Freedom is the word I have in my head when I close my eyes and think about how lucky and blessed I am finishing this kind of crazy and hard days. I am really happy that I have managed to passed this indescribable semester! Meanwhile, I just want to relax, relax and relax! 
A lot of people ask me, so what do you want to do in a couple of years or after the graduation? Where do you see yourself in ten years? In fact, I don't know, I just keep thinking how would me life be in 2016 without studying, without stress, with more time doing things I love. We are seeking in life, is beautiful stories, moments to remember forever, sharing and caring, giving without waiting anything in return, as long as I keep living like that, it doesn’t really matter what I’ll be doing in a few years, because I know for sure that I’ll be able to find happiness in the smallest things. xoxo
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

MEDOLL MAKEOVER So bad I did't managed to have the time to make a party and celebrate my sixth year on (world largest online community for girls and boys to dress-up)! For who following me since I have started the blog, would realize how much my medoll aka Ghandoora has changed her style (plastic surgery hehe). 

A lot of you guys wonder and keep asking me how my medoll looks like a real girl? Well, the secret is that when I planned how would my medoll looks like, I put in my head that I want her to looks like the girl my dream girl (the girl I want to be when I get older) so I focused on the small details from eyes, nose, lips and so on! Recently, I have been a way from this website, I feeling I'm getting old and I have much important responsibilities and things to do in my real life, but when I came back today, I found so many changes in the website and also a new thing Stardoll release in Transform shop which is it CONTOUR! The prices range from 10 to 24 stardollars which is it pretty good! Today, I made some visits for other dolls, it seems that not so many have tried the contour yet, and fewer who looking fabulous. I tried to make my medoll to look like ready for a night dinner or special event with smokey eyes and natural lip tone! What do you think? 

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Friday, May 22, 2015

A LITTLE BREAK was a must for focusing much more on my study, last Tuesday I have finished my semester in the university, the hardest one ever! And I had a little break from all kind of technologies to bring back my strength! This break was the longest break I have ever had in my blogging history, I used to write posts and post the automatically, but I didn't have a time management and that's what really happened! So I am sorry guys for all of you who were sending to me mails asking if I am alright or what! Yesterday, I decided to go ahead and create cool goodies post, I was so so happy with the incredible feedback I got from new people who browse my blog. You guys can’t even imagine! I do pay huge attention to your comments and it motivates me so much when I see that you like a new post. 

In the following weeks my schedule is going to be heavy, very very crazy. But as I said, a crazy schedule is a good schedule. That means that I will have tons of exciting things to share with you. Here is the planning, I'm going to have my summer holidays for the next 30 days, which means many good things are about to come! I won't say anything else but also 
I won’t be surprised if something pops in between! It’s going to be lots of fun so stay updated peeps :)

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