Saturday, January 24, 2015

ANNEGHASYEO Hello in Korean! So this post is the one for all K-Pop lovers! Apologizing because I'm such a lazy girl, this post supposed to be published last December, but I couldn't do it, editing the videos and uploading them to youtube took more than 14 hours and the same for the photos. 

So in last December I went to a K-Pop festival at Rainbow Street, it was the first time I attend something looks like this, however, there is no real Korean celebrity there (like those we see them at T.V) but it's performed by young K-Pop lovers, the festival prepared by "K-Pop lovers in Jordan" page on Facebook and "Blue Bird Academy" and sponsored by Samsung. We played some Korean games, we laughed until we were about to cry, we danced on our favorite Koreans songs, and we were super excited especially at the end of the festival, because two lucky girls randomly won Galaxy Samsung Note4 and Galaxy Samsung S4 Zoom. Here are some videos and photos from the festival. Enjoy xoxo

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