Monday, January 19, 2015

LET IT SNOW So, as I promised, here is the article about 2015's Snow! As all of you know, last two weeks ago a snowy storm hits Middle-East countries especially Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria as well.  Each one of these countries gave a different name for the storm, in Jordan they called it "Huda"! Social media played a major role in dramatize in describing the storm! They said that it will be like the one in 1992 (In that time more than 10 snowy storms hits Jordan and it last for couple of weeks) which leads Jordanian people to bought more than 9 million tons of Bread! Can you imagine this number? Where I live in Amman, the snow wasn't that much as they said comparing to snow last year (Alexia Storm), but in many different cities in Jordan, people spend some days without electricity and water!

Well, I'm a summer girl, I feel much better when I see sun, I hate to see cloudy sky, rain, snow .. I feel depressed and just want to stay in bed feeling mad all day long! This time I felt way so mad! Not because you have to stay in your home for couple of weeks until the snow melt, but because my last final exam in the university postponed for 7 days! I don't know why till this moment they postponed my exam! It was supposed to have it on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m and the storm was supposed to come on Wednesday night! Ugggh, I will only have two weeks as a holiday to rest and have fun then I'll be back to university again! Life is hard :/ don't you agree?

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