Saturday, January 31, 2015

HIGH HEELS Well, today I'm going to reveal such a stupid things to all of you readers, I'll be turning 21 after couple of months and till now I'm having a girls problem! I can't wear high heels! OMG, as soon as I remember that next year is my graduation and I can't balance myself standing and walking in heels I feel so bad! I really have no idea how do girls managed to wear this piece of shit, until now I'm wearing sporty shoes! Do any one of you have a suggestions? Anyway, here is the newest high heels I bought from Louis Cardy couple of weeks ago from Mecca Mall, What do you think about it?

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

ANNEGHASYEO Hello in Korean! So this post is the one for all K-Pop lovers! Apologizing because I'm such a lazy girl, this post supposed to be published last December, but I couldn't do it, editing the videos and uploading them to youtube took more than 14 hours and the same for the photos. 

So in last December I went to a K-Pop festival at Rainbow Street, it was the first time I attend something looks like this, however, there is no real Korean celebrity there (like those we see them at T.V) but it's performed by young K-Pop lovers, the festival prepared by "K-Pop lovers in Jordan" page on Facebook and "Blue Bird Academy" and sponsored by Samsung. We played some Korean games, we laughed until we were about to cry, we danced on our favorite Koreans songs, and we were super excited especially at the end of the festival, because two lucky girls randomly won Galaxy Samsung Note4 and Galaxy Samsung S4 Zoom. Here are some videos and photos from the festival. Enjoy xoxo

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Monday, January 19, 2015

LET IT SNOW So, as I promised, here is the article about 2015's Snow! As all of you know, last two weeks ago a snowy storm hits Middle-East countries especially Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria as well.  Each one of these countries gave a different name for the storm, in Jordan they called it "Huda"! Social media played a major role in dramatize in describing the storm! They said that it will be like the one in 1992 (In that time more than 10 snowy storms hits Jordan and it last for couple of weeks) which leads Jordanian people to bought more than 9 million tons of Bread! Can you imagine this number? Where I live in Amman, the snow wasn't that much as they said comparing to snow last year (Alexia Storm), but in many different cities in Jordan, people spend some days without electricity and water!

Well, I'm a summer girl, I feel much better when I see sun, I hate to see cloudy sky, rain, snow .. I feel depressed and just want to stay in bed feeling mad all day long! This time I felt way so mad! Not because you have to stay in your home for couple of weeks until the snow melt, but because my last final exam in the university postponed for 7 days! I don't know why till this moment they postponed my exam! It was supposed to have it on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m and the storm was supposed to come on Wednesday night! Ugggh, I will only have two weeks as a holiday to rest and have fun then I'll be back to university again! Life is hard :/ don't you agree?

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Friday, January 16, 2015

WELCOME TO MY WORLD Hello folks! As all of you know, that I'm such a technology lover, but any kind of technology! Each day I'm trying to improve myself in taking pictures whether from which angle I take the picture or what can of filters I have to choose in-order editing the picture, but I would never thought that I'm going to buy that kind of technology "Selfie Stick", I feel it's kind of stupidity (It's my opinion) But because I'm stupid and I have to keep up with technology that's what happened! I have bought one yesterday. So welcome to my world! What about you? What do you think about it?


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Sunday, January 11, 2015

TERRIBLE WEATHER! Hello again my readers, as all of you know, that it was supposed in last Wednesday 7th.Jan I finish my final exams in the university, but an unexpected snowy storm came to Jordan which cause a delay in my exam, which means I have to wait till next Wednesday 14th.Jan to finish my final!! I couldn't be more mad, I will have only two weeks to enjoy my holidays and then come back to a new semester in the university! Soon, I'll make a full post about the snowy storm and my review about it! So stay tuned. xoxo

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Friday, January 02, 2015

HELLO 2015 It's the first time since I've start blogging here (around five years ago) I didn't do post in the first day of the year! Guys, you might all know that I'm super busy those days with final exams, I can't wait for next Wednesday to finish this semester.

Even though it seems like time flies so quickly, I definitely felt each moment of 2014 grasp my heart and carry me away day by day, minute by minute. Since a few years, I’ve set myself for goal to enjoy each and every second like it was my last… I have never felt more alive.
This blog always felt like an open diary to me. Not every moment of my life is perfect but I choose to capture the perfection in it, and looking back at it, it makes me realize that beauty lies within everyday if we choose to pay attention. 

I hope that Ghandoora is this place for you where you know you can always come, in search of inspiration or escape. I want you to know that it’s somewhere you’ll always find positive energy. In just a click: I’m here, right on the other side of your computer.
My upcoming months are already pretty much planned out but here’s what I’ll tell you… I don’t know where I'm going, what will happen, what won’t. All I know is that I want to enjoy life to the fullest, be happy, have no fear and be surprised every single day. As long as I live like that, I’ll be satisfied with anything that comes along.

So with 2015 is here, I wanted to know, is there anything special you want to see on the blog this year? Any articles or special requests? Happy New Year my loves, may this year be filled with love and happiness. xoxo
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