Monday, December 29, 2014

NEW IN Apologizing for all of you who have been massaging/mailing me about the lack of posts here, I was so busy in the last two months ago (I'll tell you soon what I've been doing). I'm photo-shooted so many posts but I'm kinda feeling lazy to write an article; that's why! But I really missed this place where I can share things I love and express my feelings toward anything with you folks!

Lately, I've went so into online shopping, since it's much cheaper than the malls and you can what you really want, but I didn't imagine that I'm going to buy some makeup cosmetics online, I mean, I must go to the mall and try them by myself, but for the next 10 days I'm stuck at home because of final exams! So, I came here to share with you this new Flormar masacara I bought from an online shop here in Jordan. Have anyone of you tried it before? Have a nice day xoxo
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