Thursday, October 16, 2014

INSTA-MOMENT Distance. Distance is something I sometimes forget to take but that is so important and crucial in our lives. Taking distance makes us see and feel things from a different perspective. Breath in, breath out, it’s all good. Distance is also these miles and miles of land that separate us from some of our far away friends or family. But thankfully, we have today our social media to feel like even if we’re so far away: we’re somehow also so close.

If my love for Instagram is quiet obvious for several reasons. Thanks to you, it also allows me to see certain things with a different point of view, take it less dramatically or maybe even pay more attention. I read all of your comments, and even if I don’t have the time to reply to the them, I certainly take it all in and always appreciate so much your time and support. I can’t be more grateful to have such loyal, incredibly inspiring people among the Ghandoora community.
YES for chocolate cake // Building my future

Horrible traffic jam! // I'm having a BIG addiction over Italian men's wear! One day, I'll buy some for my love

Chocolate love  // Daily morning welcome in the university!

Main entrance of the hotel // Congratulation Hamodeh

Out and about again in Rainbow Street // Buy now or cry later! 

Such a devil cat in my university! // Doing some beauty stuff for my friend before starting the lecture!

Quality time with my sister and friends // Hello beauty parlor!

I can't be more happy! So pleased because I've attended the Cage Warrior // This baby "Anmar" 

Prepared the lunch: Bashamil // My newest purchase from Louis Cardy 

Two projects done! #SummerCourse // Baked some sweets: Ghraybeh 

Finally, it's the time to read all of these magazines // What I need to eat when I'm sick and having two  final exams!

Summer's light // Delights 

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