Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HEALTHY FRIDAY! Months ago, I've discovered some incredible websites and apps that changed my habits and made me realize that you might think that you're eating healthy and everything while you're not. Many big food companies trick you into thinking you are through great marketing strategies... It's important to know what you put in your body, as it will directly affect your strength, health, and of course mood! 

Our life is really busy, and a couple of months back, I unfortunately had a hard time dealing with the high pressure resulting from studying in the university (yes, yes even if always looks so easy). My skin didn't look that good anymore, my mood was down. I changed a couple of simple things in my daily life, tried to eat as organic as possible, work-out, use natural products and it changed everything. I feel extra happy and I would totally suggest you guys to read the labels on your products or search for more info online. Be aware of what you eat! It can save your health and life. I am thinking about doing an article about my favorite recipes and work-outs. Until then, here's a picture for what I have at breakfast last Friday! 

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