Monday, October 20, 2014

SUMMER 2014 Because I'm a lazy girl, this post must be published last June, but I had a lot of things to be done before starting a new semester in my university; like as you see, doing the makeover for the blog. If you are following me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you would properly have seen these photos I have took them when I was in DownTown.

Although you shouldn't leave Amman without having spent at least some quality time in Downtown, eating Falafel at Hashem Restaurant or walking into the old streets of this place that most strongly resembles the stereotype of a Middle Eastern city – loud with traffic and voices, Arabic music comes out from shopfronts, people selling clothes, coffee, cigarettes or trinkets on the street. Stay tuned for the another two posts in DownTown up-coming weeks! xoxo

AL-Masjid Al-Hussaini Al-Kabeer 

Arabian breakfast at Jafra Restaurant 

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