Friday, September 26, 2014

FROM FAR EAST First day in my 3rd year in the university was ROCK! It was an honor for me to attend a show created by Youth Ambassadors Taiwan R.O.C 2014 about Taiwanese folk! I really don't have enough words to describe the festival, I enjoyed every single second of it! The festival held in my university (University of Jordan) in Sunday 14,September presented by 16 Taiwanese students from different universities about their Taiwanese language, technology, food, traditional and pop music and much much more! 

Again, I'm apologizing for the lack resolution of the pictures, I took them with my mobile phone, I didn't prepared myself to take my camera with me, it wasn't on my schedule to attend the festival! :/ Anyway, I've recorded some videos from the festival, unfortunately, I didn't have enough memory in my mobilephone so, these the only photos and videos I have!


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