Monday, September 08, 2014

WHERE IS THE SALT & PEPPER? Chef Ghandoora is back! Applause please :P Today I'm showing you a picture that I've already posted before couple of months on Instagram and as usual, I've forgot to post it here on the blog. When I'm having a new semester in the university, I rarely have free time to have fun and enjoy, so I wake up early in Saturdays and spend it in kitchen with my family to cock and creating new dishes and after that, my favorite part has come "photo-shooting the dish".

Last time, I made fried Potatoes and Eggplant, as you see, I slice them into round shape and added some Olives Oil and started to cocking them! In less than 5 minutes you can have this dish by yourself, but it's not healthy for those who are going on diet! But I don't care really if it has a lot of calories or not! It's one of my favorite dishes to eat, I wouldn't care about something like that!

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