Wednesday, August 27, 2014

INSTAGRAM LIFE As the Summer came to an end and Autumn started with surprising winds, I thought, I could finish those last beautiful months with a little update from my Instagram account! Have a look on here and start following me! I wish you a beautiful and sunny Wednesday. xoxo 

Mhalabyeh // Last day of fasting in this summer course went crazy! I've finished my mid-term exams and had a beautiful 9 days off

 Studying // I miss this cutie 
That's what I call it "ART" // Still in love with my newest shoes 

I'm always in love with men's perfume! // Still in the mood of the graduation 

Everyone is screaming before the final exam! // In LOVE with my pastel nail-polish and this clutch

Cheetos // First day at the university for summer course, love the colorful stairs in the Faculty of Engineering. 

Met this Asian baby "Shumayma" in the supermarket, how cute is she! *.* // What I have to eat when I'm studying

Time to refresh my mind: Walking time // Summer's essential: Watermelon 

This kind of drugs // Final touch 

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