Saturday, August 02, 2014

INSTA-STOP My lovely readers, I can’t stop posting photos on Instagram, haha It’s a kind of an addiction! Hell yeah it’s the first time I write something according to Instagram so Instagoodie is on this blog now! It’s almost like a photos book isn’t it? I love sharing them with you guys because I know some of you don’t use Instagram (why? you should, it’s the best sharing photos app!) and prefer flickr but I hope you’ll be convinced to download it after this post.

I must admit I’ve been addicted to Instagram from the beginning. It’s like a second blog, with spontaneous content and things that I love to share twice a day which is enoooormous! But the battery doesn’t appreciate it- I always have to charge my phone every 5 hours! Here you’ll see my instagram ”life” which contains my personal pictures and some photo that I don’t own ! So my friends, be sure to follow me on the app and please give me your Instagram account below in order to stay connected and share our mutual photos! 

Goodies: Thanks to my sister for these colorful manicure she bought them for me // Tried so many sunglasses, but I didn't make any choice! 

One of the race cars in the open_day at the university // Back to blogging

Was preparing the stuff for my brother's birthday party // Rainy day :/

Feeling cozy! Back to sleep // My healthy break

That white jacket *.* // It's my father's birthday 

Finished last project for the second semester at Ministry of Agriculture with my bestie // Say NO to university violence

Can you guess what's inside these boxes? #paylesshoes // In the kitchen, was preparing Apple & Banana Cocktail using Danao juice 

DoDo always supports me before exams // In kitchen حشي كوسا

A walk to remember! #HealthyLife // It's the time to refresh the mind; preparing fresh cocktail with my mum

Some of my doctors in my faculty in University of Jordan // Light dessert 

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