Sunday, August 24, 2014

EXCITEMENTS OVERLOAD! I was on fire, way so excited to go to a special event like this one! Last Friday, August 22nd Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 71 came to Amman, Jordan, the fight held at King Hussein, New Boxing Arena. It was the first time that I'm attending an event like this and I had a pleasure to do! Not to mention, I'm not interested in this kind of sport, but I was very happy to see a real fighting LIVE not on television as usual! The first four matches were between two Arabian champions, everyone in the audience was excited for the matches, everyone was screaming, shouting, supporting his champion in his/her own way! I don't know what I can say, I really had so much fun there and I can't wait for next September to see them again! Finally, I just want to apologize for the bad resolution of the photos, I didn't take my camera with me because it was not allowed to take pictures there but it seems that you can! Hopefully, next time I'll take much pictures and maybe some pictures with the champions? Here are some of the results in the fight: 

Alaa Eldin Khattab (Egypt) VS Houdhaifa Gdouda (Tunis) Winner
Ayman Ben Hassine (Tunis) VS Yousef Zoghbaba (Jordan) Winner
Anwar Amara (Egypt) VS Ashraf Deeb (Jordan) Winner
Rahal Laarioui (Morocco) VS Jalal Deaja (Jordan) Winner

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