Tuesday, July 01, 2014

INSTACANDY I know I know, I start getting lazy, summer is here, it's 37c degree outside, I'm melting, my brain can't thinking, just relaxing! Well, I'm absolutely in a summer mood and wish I could stay everyday on the beach, pool, drinking cocktail... But well, well we all know that's never gonna happen - either the holiday, travel come to an end or it starts to rain sometimes. Yes, damn but the good news not on Instagram. 

That's why I love the community - people share beautiful life experience. A few days ago I saw a report about Instagram, where people were annoyed, that much is covered and it doesn't shows the real life. Yes, of course not, but we are more or less grown up or grew up with this technique and know that there is NOT every evening a lobster waiting on the dinner table - who has cooked itself and sings full of joy -  rather a bread with nutella - which looks relatively unspectacular. Life is full of small and big hurdles, nothing wrong with a platform where many people are focused on positive experience. I think it's more a good feature to focus on the good, as long we don't forget that we all have our own fights in reality. At least that is only my point of view. What do you think about it? Here are some of pictures I posted them on Instagram and Twitter before couple of months and I've forgot to show them to you. 

One day, I'll miss this place and which to comeback to it, but I won't miss it's exams // Those kind of special offers I love! 

Need this cup of milk and toast for a healthy breakfast to start looong days! // I love my mobile phone and I love the cover too.

      Love my newest necklace bought it today from my university's exhibition // First day of Vitamin

Enjoying my Friday (as always) with this Banana cake //Partners in crime in the exam! 

With my bestie, celebrated our marks in an exam // 32°C look: "Super" T-shirt is indeed in this warm weather

I tried to make my own tattoo but ... failed //Chemical tour in the university

 Perfect start for everyday! // Empty Faculty of Business 

Enjoyed the sun with my BFF // My eyes! #Onions 

Friday is for friends! #TcheTche // It's ready! #Knafeh 

Look how my friend's bag match with my choose! Need it in my wardrobe // Couple of hours before the Macro Economic exam! 

Had Karawyeh while have had the worst weekend ever! #Studaying // Sunset in Amman 
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