Thursday, May 15, 2014

INSTAGRAM LIFE It has been ages since last InstaGoodies post, I'm sure you missed it! It's one of my favorite kind of posts when I start collage the photos I've shared them on Instagram & Twitter and remember the moment of the picture I've taken through my mobile phone! Wish you all a happy weekend :)

In the kitchen with my mum and sister we're preparing the lunch // New in: Nivea deodorant

Did you get your issue from IKEA? I must make a post about my favorite items from this shop! // That cupcake *_*

I always enjoy rainy days by eating Orange cake with Apricot Jam // Friday always means movie time with my sister <3 nbsp="">

Delicious dinner on the table: Msaqa'a مسقعة  //Johnson is one of my favorite lotion so far! <3 nbsp="">

Found this car in the university, love it! // Falafel is on the table even though it was Saturday

Nutella: The definition of love <3 :="" all="" cloudy="" day="" mad="" makes="" that="" the="" weather="">

TON of folders are awaiting to be blogged! It's time for editing // New shampoo set from Dove, let's see the difference! 

In the kitchen was thinking to make some cupcake // Delicious Filet prepared by my sister 

I hate those mornings when I have to wakeup early to study! // Preparing Num Num with my mom 

Spent the day at the kitchen with my mum preparing this Chocolate mixed from maaaaany ingredients // I don't have pretty nails, but I have pretty nail polish for sure! 
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