Saturday, May 24, 2014

SUN IS UP I have just found this perfect sun block from The Body Shop. I love the cirtusy, orange smell and how it feels refreshing andu light on your skin. This moisturizer is really nice, it has a light texture, non-greasy and has an SPF 15, which is great for everyday. 

The ingredients include Glycerin, Orange oil, Panthenol, and Vitamin C. I feel like the moisturization lasts all day too and it makes for a nice base for your makeup. The scent is really what gets me though, I love it, but it does dissipate throughout the day, so you won't sell like an orange all day long. 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

INSTAGRAM LIFE It has been ages since last InstaGoodies post, I'm sure you missed it! It's one of my favorite kind of posts when I start collage the photos I've shared them on Instagram & Twitter and remember the moment of the picture I've taken through my mobile phone! Wish you all a happy weekend :)

In the kitchen with my mum and sister we're preparing the lunch // New in: Nivea deodorant

Did you get your issue from IKEA? I must make a post about my favorite items from this shop! // That cupcake *_*

I always enjoy rainy days by eating Orange cake with Apricot Jam // Friday always means movie time with my sister <3 nbsp="">

Delicious dinner on the table: Msaqa'a مسقعة  //Johnson is one of my favorite lotion so far! <3 nbsp="">

Found this car in the university, love it! // Falafel is on the table even though it was Saturday

Nutella: The definition of love <3 :="" all="" cloudy="" day="" mad="" makes="" that="" the="" weather="">

TON of folders are awaiting to be blogged! It's time for editing // New shampoo set from Dove, let's see the difference! 

In the kitchen was thinking to make some cupcake // Delicious Filet prepared by my sister 

I hate those mornings when I have to wakeup early to study! // Preparing Num Num with my mom 

Spent the day at the kitchen with my mum preparing this Chocolate mixed from maaaaany ingredients // I don't have pretty nails, but I have pretty nail polish for sure! 
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Monday, May 12, 2014

THAT KIND OF BREAKFAST I still remember that it was the first picture I took it through my new mobile phone last March. Anyway, today I'm sharing with you this picture for my favorite kind of kicking off the day with this simple kind of breakfast. Usually, I have Cheese sandwich with Green Tea when I'm in hurry, but if I'm in weekend, I eat Bagel with Nescafe.
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Friday, May 09, 2014

MOSCHINO STYLE First look for May! So in love with this look, the creamy color the blouse, and MoSchino belt gave me the inspiration to create this Spring look on! Give it a try ;)

Alapca leaf sweater - Pretty in Pink 
Roaring shorts - Decade
Moschino inspired belt - Bizou
Tassle pleather bag - It Girls
Two tone pump - DKNY
Bianca headscarf - RIO

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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

COMFORTABLE SHOES Last Thursday, I went to a shopping with my sister, actually I didn't make any plans for what I'm going to buy, accidentally, the shopping ended up walking away with another pair of shoes. I've got this shoes from Payless for 25 JD. I'm deeply in love with them, in my opinion; you can never have enough!

The best part about this shoes? They are so comfortable! I wore them out for the university for two days in a row and lasted standing on my feet for hours and hours. The other good thing? I got them on sale! :D

Wishing you guys a shoe filled day!

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Thursday, May 01, 2014

WORK HARD, PLAY HARD I've always wanted to have a job and to work in my spare time, but not like any other jobs, I mean; I want to work in something I love, something I enjoy doing it not forced to do it, something I have to do it with passion, love and creativity too! Being a blogger is such a cool job, I wish it was in my reality life too like attending events and meet other bloggers in my country, but unfortunately, it's rarely to find bloggers in Jordan!

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