Sunday, March 23, 2014

SMILE TO THE CAMERA Stopped to share with you these collection of photos I've posted them on Instagram last month! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you probably already saw a few photos that I shared with you on those websites, but if you don't, here is a sneak-peek. Hope you like them! And don't forget to keep your mobile phone beside you; you don't know when the moment come! 

Eating Kiwi and reading an article in the magazine about the wild life in Tanzania // الحياة لازمها شوية عنف , was watching WWE with my sister #MondayNightRaw

I adore this street! // Movie time: ate this delicious Sefeha and watched two movies from (Detective Conan)

Best thing to eat in cold days! Grilled Potato بطاطا مشوية ع الصوبة // Special thanks for National Press for the organizers I got them.

CheeseCake love *_* // Look who's the cutie in the middle of the picture!!

Love the design of the wall in the A.O.U make us remember the old Arab scientists. // From the backstage, while I was photo-shooting for "Valentine's day post".

Reorganizing my stuff // View from the window: Mashrooa'a Al-Abdali مشروع العبدلي

Let the race start :D // It's the time of the year to prepare pickles

Yummy light dinner: Dates with Biscuit //  The weather was amazing the last days but now it went to be rainy again.

I spent my spare time in watching Detective Conan movies and eating chips // Getting inspired from U Magazine

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