Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NO CONNECTION! First, I want to apologize to my fans who are waiting my posts, I'm so sorry because I didn't do any posts the last week, I had some issues with the Internet connection and I couldn't do anything, I just had to wait until I get new connection! I must say "Thank you" to Blogger.com to give us a nice feature which is it "Schedule your post", I don't know what would happen to me if this weren't exist, so as you see the couple of posts I published them last week were scheduled, hope you liked them by the way!

Let me tell you something about me; I'm an Internet addicted, I know that all of us are addicted too, but I spent more than 11 hours out of 24 hours per day surfing the Internet, I know it's too much, but I have a lot of websites that I have to check them daily and to keep up date with my friends and so on. Actually, I found it difficult to cope with the situation that I have to live the next days without Internet! Can you imagine?!! I admit that life some times can be hard. But on the other hand, I saw the other side of life, I had some spare time so I enjoyed doing nothing :P

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