Friday, February 21, 2014

INSTAGRAM LIFE As you know, I'm such an addicted to this app! I can't imagine my life without it, I love it since it makes me live the moment again as I scroll down and see the old photos I shared with you! Some of these photos are old, I was lazy to prepare this post and talking to you about it! Wish you all a happy weekend :)

ThrowBack Found this picture on my old mobile phone for these two kittens in my Russian friend's house before 3 years ago! // Hello flu!!

Had this delicious dish at morning which is it Pasta with white Beans // How could I stop loving you? 

ThrowBack from KDS Day in my university! I just want to these cupcake again // Cold day in Amman! Those tree leafs reminds me of Autumn

 FlashBack to the last lecture in my Statistical class in my 1st year in my university, our doctor draw this creature!  // What I need to pass my two exams! 

 Felt so good after I finished this semester! // Green beans for dinner

What I eat when I'm sick Cheese, Banana & Orange! // Wearing my brother's hat, I really missed them both

 As usual 4 hours as break in my university last semester ! Hot Chocolate is the key of happiness in cold weather like today // How to study for the last exam? Eat these HotDog with Ketchup

 Last semester was horrible especially when it comes to final exams!  // Nothing could be better than starting my morning with Chestnut! 

 However I've had 2 exams one of them was Final exam but am I managed to read the new magazines I got them! // Some sweets. 

Domino time with my dad! Guess who's the winner! // Look who's the chef today!

Was preparing some cookies & sweets! // Starting the day by reading Life is a Stretch 
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