Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WALKING THROUGH OLD AMMAN STREETS I must admit that I LOVE old Amman or let me say ancient Amman, it's much better than the skyscrapers, you feel like it has a lot of stories that wants to tell you about them! It was my pleasure that I managed to revisit Rainbow Street after 4 years (I know it's such a looong time), last two weeks ago, I went out with my sister and her friend to Rainbow Street one of the oldest streets in Jordan located in the First Circle.

Actually, we're suppose to have a lunch at Shawermize it the best place for eating Shawerma in the town, but unfortunately it went down and it's for sale! I felt so sad, because it's one of my favorite shops out there! While walking in the street, we went to Batata the number one place for serving the tastiest fried potato (you have to forget the diet, the calories and bla bla bla) if you tried it once, you can't resist it's taste! And then, you have to eat something sweet after the salty fried potato, so we went to Ge'rard for ice-cream and I've chose blueberry ice-cream.

If you are planning to come to Jordan, I recommend visiting Rainbow Street on Friday, why? Simply, because there is a bazaar called "Souq Jara سوق جارا" for handcrafts open only on Friday where you can buy souvenirs for your nearest and dearest.

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