Tuesday, February 04, 2014

BE BOLD a website that I missed so much,  I took a break last month from this website after being member since 2.May.2009 (you know you have to take break from everything in this life!) I got bored of it, and I felt am getting old for playing in such a virtual website for dressing up dolls, but then I remember my friends, my luxurious life I have it out there, and I've decided to come back to it. Today, I brought to you new look I've styled for you, I can say it's for non-superstars members, you only have to change the necklace and belt too and then you got that colorful look. 

Honey maid Dress - Honey maid Shop
Peach pump wedges - FREEBIES
Beaded bib necklace -  ELLE
Moschino inspired belt - Bizuo 
Vest - Stardoll Academy
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