Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I CARE As we all know the weather has been absolutely FREEZING this past weeks and it seems to have taken a big toll on my face and hands! Naturally I’ll know to keep my face moisturized because it’s part of my daily routine, but my hands can often become neglected. I CARE is my new favorite hand cream I bought it from Saudi Arabia (unfortunately, it's not available in Jordan). Well, I'm completely in love with it! It smells absolutely delicious, and it soaks in beautifully making my hands all lovely and soft. 

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

THAT WEATHER There is some nice weather rolling into the city where I live Amman - Jordan. Sunshine and highs nearing 20c degrees will combine to give us a long-overdue taste of spring weather. This nice stuff won’t last too long, so get outside and take advantage of it.

Wish you all a happy day :)
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Friday, February 21, 2014

INSTAGRAM LIFE As you know, I'm such an addicted to this app! I can't imagine my life without it, I love it since it makes me live the moment again as I scroll down and see the old photos I shared with you! Some of these photos are old, I was lazy to prepare this post and talking to you about it! Wish you all a happy weekend :)

ThrowBack Found this picture on my old mobile phone for these two kittens in my Russian friend's house before 3 years ago! // Hello flu!!

Had this delicious dish at morning which is it Pasta with white Beans // How could I stop loving you? 

ThrowBack from KDS Day in my university! I just want to these cupcake again // Cold day in Amman! Those tree leafs reminds me of Autumn

 FlashBack to the last lecture in my Statistical class in my 1st year in my university, our doctor draw this creature!  // What I need to pass my two exams! 

 Felt so good after I finished this semester! // Green beans for dinner

What I eat when I'm sick Cheese, Banana & Orange! // Wearing my brother's hat, I really missed them both

 As usual 4 hours as break in my university last semester ! Hot Chocolate is the key of happiness in cold weather like today // How to study for the last exam? Eat these HotDog with Ketchup

 Last semester was horrible especially when it comes to final exams!  // Nothing could be better than starting my morning with Chestnut! 

 However I've had 2 exams one of them was Final exam but am I managed to read the new magazines I got them! // Some sweets. 

Domino time with my dad! Guess who's the winner! // Look who's the chef today!

Was preparing some cookies & sweets! // Starting the day by reading Life is a Stretch 
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Friday, February 14, 2014

LOVE IS IN THE AIR Today is Valentine day, well I don't celebrate it but I love these moments when you spread the love between your dearest and nearest especially with your family! Today, I'm sharing with you, these photos for this Chocolate cup rich with Cocoa, Milk and obviously dark chocolate. And I can't enjoy the taste of this light dessert without the Chocolate ball filled Hazel.

With my love 

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WALKING THROUGH OLD AMMAN STREETS I must admit that I LOVE old Amman or let me say ancient Amman, it's much better than the skyscrapers, you feel like it has a lot of stories that wants to tell you about them! It was my pleasure that I managed to revisit Rainbow Street after 4 years (I know it's such a looong time), last two weeks ago, I went out with my sister and her friend to Rainbow Street one of the oldest streets in Jordan located in the First Circle.

Actually, we're suppose to have a lunch at Shawermize it the best place for eating Shawerma in the town, but unfortunately it went down and it's for sale! I felt so sad, because it's one of my favorite shops out there! While walking in the street, we went to Batata the number one place for serving the tastiest fried potato (you have to forget the diet, the calories and bla bla bla) if you tried it once, you can't resist it's taste! And then, you have to eat something sweet after the salty fried potato, so we went to Ge'rard for ice-cream and I've chose blueberry ice-cream.

If you are planning to come to Jordan, I recommend visiting Rainbow Street on Friday, why? Simply, because there is a bazaar called "Souq Jara سوق جارا" for handcrafts open only on Friday where you can buy souvenirs for your nearest and dearest.

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Saturday, February 08, 2014

 “True luxury requires the highest level of ingredients quality and creation” - Christian Dior 

J'ADORE DIOR This new version holds only the very finest ingredients, the name that hints at gold and all things pretty and luxurious. I was very kindly given it by one of the girls I know and as soon as I breathed in the scent- I knew I liked it. The packaging is as gorgeous as the perfume, with a bottle in the classic J’Adore shape and a golden cap with a neck decorated with golden threads. It’s perfect for a special night out or whenever you need a little something extra to make you feel golden all day through. 

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

BE BOLD Stardoll.com a website that I missed so much,  I took a break last month from this website after being member since 2.May.2009 (you know you have to take break from everything in this life!) I got bored of it, and I felt am getting old for playing in such a virtual website for dressing up dolls, but then I remember my friends, my luxurious life I have it out there, and I've decided to come back to it. Today, I brought to you new look I've styled for you, I can say it's for non-superstars members, you only have to change the necklace and belt too and then you got that colorful look. 

Honey maid Dress - Honey maid Shop
Peach pump wedges - FREEBIES
Beaded bib necklace -  ELLE
Moschino inspired belt - Bizuo 
Vest - Stardoll Academy
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