Wednesday, November 06, 2013

SAY CHEESE! As you know, social media has always been super important for me and directly linked with the content here on Ghandoora. Instagram (@Ghandoora94) has for sure become like my second life diary and it's so much fun to go on the quest of the perfect picture. Like the one above : it's indeed a shot that I've taken with my Sony Ericsson P1i, Oh yes I didn't get that a new mobile phone yet! It's incredible how a spontaneous moment, captured on film, or phone can be so impact-full and beautiful as it is. Of course, then you can set things up a little but I love how Instagram gets me a little creative everyday of my life and pushes me to seek for inspiring elements all around me on a constant basis! So hold on for a second, and look around. Spot the beauty around you and take a picture! Have a lovely week-end guys xoxo 

That sun is killing me and right now I'm dying to see it again // Prepared Cherry Jelly with white thick cream. 

Had fun with my beloved sister playing cards // Delicious dinner was prepared by me! Chef Ghadeer 8-)

When 8:00AM lecture makes you Picasso... // Windows view in the morning: mixed between pink and yellow!

From where can I get this map? I want to have on in my room! // Here we go: Start studying Micro-Economics and eating Pastries with Soup in a cup!

Went with my sister to her university in her last semester! Can't wait for her graduation :) // Got my vouchers today from Maxfashion .. Thank you so much :D

Water is all what I need in a very hot day: 37°C outside  // Friday night! High volume please 

Happy national day for China! What do you think about my galaxy china blouse// Memories from the Korean day: Cupcake, flag & light-bulb :)

What a sky! Let it rain // Good morning people

I really want to have an office look like this! // O-M-G this is what I have been looking for!

That time of the year when you have to keep awake by eating sweet thing like Dates filled with peanuts. // Shine bright like a star in the sky..

Thursday's sweets: CupCake *_* //Such a good weather today! Sun shines through the curtain ...

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