Sunday, October 06, 2013

LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH As always, I try to squeeze in during the month an Twitgoodies post for all those of you guys who don't have a smartphone or Instagram. Since I consider Instagram, as ''my second blog'' (feel free to follow me @Ghandoora94), sort of like my daily diary with even more special moments of my life, I think that it's important enough to be shared here as well! Lately, clean eating, a healthy life style and work-out have been entirely a part of my life. I do still have lots of things to learn, it's a constant adventure. In fact, if photography is my biggest passion, lifestyle has always been a huge interest and I try to improve mine everyday with some simple steps, I'll talk about this in the up-coming posts. 

A very weird dessert prepared by my parents //  Goodmorning everyone! I was so fresh and I wake up at 7:10AM 

Horror movie with my friend in faculty of medicine // Morning isn't morning without this cup!

Going crazy for my leopard pants! // Treating myself: #Maltesers *_*

Some DRUGS while studying for my exam! // I was working on my budgeting homework! cut & paste ;) 

Amman at night! Really in love with this view. // Nothing could beat Filet's taste! <3 span=""> 

I helped my mother preparing this delicious Tabouleh //  I wore my polka dot skirt that I got it from my brother from Turkey in my best friend's party.

Received some delicious sweets from our Syrian neighbors // Starting the day by showing-off my skills in doing curly hair for my sister! B-) 

So in love with this necklace, bought two of it for me and for my BFF too. // GoodMorning everyone! I was in bed planning for today's photo-shots.

What a bad news! I've lost a lot of weight this summer, I'm only 45KG right now :( //Spent the whole day working on the blog! New stuffs will be there soon 

I have tried to make EggsScramble and I DID IT :-) // Who doesn't like to showoff his/her talents in drawing while being in the lecture? 

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