Tuesday, August 06, 2013

BLESSED DAYS The end of Ramadan is fast approaching, and I can’t seem to write. At the beginning of Ramadan I set myself personal goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the month, but unfortunately, I didn't achieve any of these due to make summer course in my university! Anyway, I've decided to make a post from the collection of photos I posted them on Instagram last 30 days about Ramadan. 

May Allah accept our fasting :)

Last picture for this delicious Vermicelli's soup before being in my stomach

Don't forget to read the Holy Quran in these blessed days! :)

No one can beat my dad in making Qatayef!

A very delicious Shushbarak we had for Iftar.

Masjid lights before couple of minutes before Iftar*_*

My favorite part in Ramadan: preparing the Suhoor!

I've had a very stressful days last week, so I really had to have a big dish of salad to stay awake and finish studying for my exam last Thursday.

I really going to miss Ramadan's lights & colors!

Deeply in love with this Warbat - وربات. You must give it a try if you hadn't taste it before.

 Mission done! Helped my mum in preparing our Iftar for the day 25th! We had a delicious Msakhan - مسخن not suitable for those who have diet :p

Maggie soup, is one of our essential dishes in Ramadan's table

I was fasting for more thank 16 hours, and suddenly, I've started craving eating Halawa

This year, we're preparing home-made Qatayef pastry. I think that all of you must try making it at home!

One of the most essential juices in Ramadan Qamar Uddin - قمرالدين

Dates with Saudi coffee, gives fasting another mean!

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