Friday, August 09, 2013

MUSLIM DAYS OF CELEBRATION Eid Al-Fitir or as we called it (Eid Al-Sgheer) is here in it's first days. Today, Thursday we're celebrating the end of Ramadan by Salah Al Eid in Masjied, visiting our relatives and eating Ma'mool. I'm going to focus my post on Ma'mool this time! About the Ma'mool, you can buy it from bakery or doing it by yourself, but I think that as you know from my previous posts, most of food my mother doing it at home (She's a very talented chef .. Shhh don't tell anyone this secret) and here are the Ma'mool me and mother prepared it, it's filled of delicious Dates. And for those who are asking why it's looks like sun, because old Pharhons were preparing it for their God as gift like sun! May Allah accept our fasting and hope you had a sweet Eid ;) 

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