Friday, August 30, 2013

APPLE One bowl of fruit a day keeps the doctor away, right? Refuel vitamins, two weeks before the official start of my university! You know I use most of my energy in the university mentally and physically! Personally, I'm not big fan of Apple especially the red one, but I have to have it daily in my breakfast to avoid myself of getting sick.

*Hint: To have a delicious taste of the Green Apple, add a little bit of salt to it.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

MAKE IT YELLOW I got some e-mails last days, some girls asked me to keep posting my looks in! So here is a perfect simple summer look:

Red point ballet top - VOILE  
Yellow shimmy skirt - WINDOWS ON THE WORLD
Heart on a chain clutch - WILD CANDY 
Strapped platform shoes - TINGELING 
Agate & Lava earrings - GLAM R US 
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

"A beautiful day starts with beautiful smile even on a grey cloudy day"

GREY SKY! So I've been missing Amman's cloudy sky since last April, and today the sky is just the way I love it, the sky was partly cloudy and haze. Why don't we say: "Hello Autumn?". Since I'm in holiday, I've been all the day looking at the sky and taking pictures for it, planning for some new posts and taking advantage of the sale in some websites and purchasing two dress.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

GIRLS JUST WANNA DANCE! Last Saturday, I had the the pleasure to be invited to my best friend's graduation party, it was a chance to meet some of my old school's friend! I had so much fun out there, loud music and every one wanna shouts and dance! And as you see, I took advantage when some of the girls took off their high heels, and I start trying wearing all of them! For this occasion, I wore my polka dots skirt which it was from my brother who brought it to me from Turkey, and for the first time, I wore this feather ring, it was a gift for me from Egypt.


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Friday, August 16, 2013

THAT TIME OF THE YEAR As I am writing this, I am literally melting in front of my computer. Okay, okay, I really can't complain as the weather in Jordan had been absolutely terrible for weeks, no wait, months! But I am seriously not used to live in a 37° temperature (white girl's problems). All I want to do is lay like a clam on the beach, have my toes in some cool pool and sip some fresh milkshakes. That's it. But here we go with a very delicious white thick cream my mother made it before couple of days!
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Friday, August 09, 2013

MUSLIM DAYS OF CELEBRATION Eid Al-Fitir or as we called it (Eid Al-Sgheer) is here in it's first days. Today, Thursday we're celebrating the end of Ramadan by Salah Al Eid in Masjied, visiting our relatives and eating Ma'mool. I'm going to focus my post on Ma'mool this time! About the Ma'mool, you can buy it from bakery or doing it by yourself, but I think that as you know from my previous posts, most of food my mother doing it at home (She's a very talented chef .. Shhh don't tell anyone this secret) and here are the Ma'mool me and mother prepared it, it's filled of delicious Dates. And for those who are asking why it's looks like sun, because old Pharhons were preparing it for their God as gift like sun! May Allah accept our fasting and hope you had a sweet Eid ;) 

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

BLESSED DAYS The end of Ramadan is fast approaching, and I can’t seem to write. At the beginning of Ramadan I set myself personal goals that I wanted to achieve by the end of the month, but unfortunately, I didn't achieve any of these due to make summer course in my university! Anyway, I've decided to make a post from the collection of photos I posted them on Instagram last 30 days about Ramadan. 

May Allah accept our fasting :)

Last picture for this delicious Vermicelli's soup before being in my stomach

Don't forget to read the Holy Quran in these blessed days! :)

No one can beat my dad in making Qatayef!

A very delicious Shushbarak we had for Iftar.

Masjid lights before couple of minutes before Iftar*_*

My favorite part in Ramadan: preparing the Suhoor!

I've had a very stressful days last week, so I really had to have a big dish of salad to stay awake and finish studying for my exam last Thursday.

I really going to miss Ramadan's lights & colors!

Deeply in love with this Warbat - وربات. You must give it a try if you hadn't taste it before.

 Mission done! Helped my mum in preparing our Iftar for the day 25th! We had a delicious Msakhan - مسخن not suitable for those who have diet :p

Maggie soup, is one of our essential dishes in Ramadan's table

I was fasting for more thank 16 hours, and suddenly, I've started craving eating Halawa

This year, we're preparing home-made Qatayef pastry. I think that all of you must try making it at home!

One of the most essential juices in Ramadan Qamar Uddin - قمرالدين

Dates with Saudi coffee, gives fasting another mean!

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

 REFILL YOUR BATTERY It was 3:00 pm here in Jordan, when I woke up today! Holy molly summer slumber.You got me! Days run so fast! Last Thursday, I finished my first summer course in the university, which means I finished my first year in the university! And YES finally, I'm going to have my summer holiday, however it's going to be short since it will be 45 days only, but at least I don't have to study and keep awake all the time, I'm going to treat myself by having some rest and relaxation and for sure some photo-shoots for the up-coming posts!
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