Monday, July 01, 2013

GHADEER AL-MASRI ON INSTAGRAM I thought that it's seriously been a while since my last twitgoodies post, and that I need to do something about it. So as you might already know, this article is basically a selection of my favorite shots from Instagram (all taken with my beloved phone). 

I love sharing them with you guys here first of all, because some of you don't use Instagram (you really should) I mean, on which planet are you living? and because they totally have their place here as these shots were all taken on a daily basis and looking at them always reminds me great memories. I've been addicted to Instagram from the beginning. Honestly it's like my second blog, with spontaneous content and things that I love shared almost every hour. I do try to slow it down a little because as you can imagine my battery goes dead after 5 pictures already (plus emails and don't forget facebook!) but hey gotta have a charger with you at all times. Enjoy these pictures babes and don't forget to follow me (@Ghandoora94) on Instagram for new updates.

 This mix is perfect: Spaghetti, Noodles & spicy tomato sauce. Give it a try!

Getting pampered in Thursday, it's such an amazing feeling especially after hard week after university.

Went to my sister's university wearing my pink nail polish & my favorite black ring.

Want it to have it again, I love my colorful fruit salad .. Yummy!

It was my first day in my holiday... I've decided to continue reading these two short stories.

One of my favorite looks so far for this summer!

Shopping with my family some fruits and vegetables! Are you vegetarian?

It's the time at mid night to reorganize my book

In studying mood eating a mini salty corn.

Although I'm not kind of person who wear sunnies, but I love this one I got it as a gift from Italy


Kiri has another mean at the breakfast in morning 

A little view from second floor for my university.

I can't believe how cute is this cat! I can't leave her alone.


I really need to have this hairstyle again even I'm sick.

Blogging & having light dessert for tonight.

Chilling like I'm in Phuket Island!
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  1. You take amazing photographs! I love viewing them. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.