Saturday, July 27, 2013

BEAUTY As I promised, here the post that so many of you have requested, here is a post talking about the beauty products I use. I though it was I good idea, make-up has always been a great hobby for me and I think that cosmetics really add something to an outfit. Especially the lipsticks, they really add this little touch of color to a look which I really enjoy.

Here are some of the new beauty product I bought last shopping, starting with smoky eyeshadow by H&M it's include five colors, from light pink to matte black. From Seventeen, I bought black eye shaper or I'd call it in Arabic "Khol", a smooth and long-wearing one, and also I bought, Lipstick special no.377 combines both color and care, leaving attractive and luscious-looking lips.
Volum'Express Colossal is my absolute favorite mascara by MAYBELLINE! It gives me definition, length, and fullness that I want! I've only tried three other mascaras but this is the best. It lengthens volumizes separates everything and it awesome if you like to build. Easy to wash off too.  

From Radiant Professional I bought a creamy concealer Illuminator no.03 - Beige, it's really perfect one for hiding the black under eyes, also another good product is the Artistic liner no.01 black color, it's very nice for those who are beginner at using eyeliner, it's gives you the ability to control the shape you want with a clear line with great color intensity.

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