Thursday, May 23, 2013

1 DAY, 100 PICTURES I don't know if that ever happens to you guys (it definitely should if you're a bad-ass nerdy geek addicted to your I-phone/Galaxy and especially to Instagram) but I constantly have to delete pictures in order to make space on my phone for new ones... And it really starts to get to my nerves. I am too damn lazy to connect my phone to my laptop and just empty the card... So I prefer to wait 10 minutes and delete 40 pictures before being allowed to take one, especially when a special occasion shows up (very ironic, I know). 
I am really rad about posting instant pictures during all my little adventures. I feel like it's so nice first of all because it brings a connection and interaction. I tend to post quite a lot, but honestly as a follower too I love profiles that are very active and Instagram became a real work tool for as we share a lot of updates on it. Enjoy these pictures and follow me (@Ghandoora94) for more updates!

Mom .. I know that you won't let me down! Thanks for writing my report for my lecture / Finally, I've made my purchase .. Love my newest shoes.

Don't know if I'm the only one who have these cute emotions on Facebook chat! / Enjoyed preparing the  lunch, spent more than 2 hours playing with pasta & flour

It's the second time we've prepared this dish فتتة جاج in one week last month / One of the best shampoo I've used till today .. Love Sunsilk newest bottle & smell.

Perfect weather outside last week, I really need something salty to eat / What I wore today love my newest high waisted pants & this purple necklace

With my sister at her university. / Nothing will be better than having a hot cup of green tea while studying.

#Palestine .. In our hearts / Good morning #Amman #Jordan 

Have just finished blogging! / Enjoying that cozy feeling in the last day of the weekend on my bed with my little rabbit 'dudu'

New item in my room! Duck Candle / It's Shaun The Sheep

The weather wasn't good at all last weeks! So, I enjoyed the sun and I redecorate my wardrobe. / On my way to the university; wearing my new golden shoes & chain bag.

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  1. what a lovely collection of pictures and storys. ^-^