Friday, May 17, 2013

LIFE CAN'T GET WORST MORE THAN THIS! You have final exams? It's okay you're going to study to get high marks .. but you have TWO final exams in a one day? That's the problem, next week I'm going to start my final exams for the second semester for me in the university. On Tuesday I'm having Management in Islam & Local Management, in Wednesday I'm having Quantitative Analysis & Management Information System (MIS), and finally in Thursday I'm having an easy exam about sports. Actually, I'm worried about my exams in Wednesday because my total in the two subjects are really high, can imagine that my total in Quantitative Analysis is 49 out of 50 which is something will not repeat?!

So, I thought to share with you some photos (sorry for the bad quality) for my colorful desk, as you see my nerd Bebe is here and obviously something delicious while studying (you know what I'm talking about huh? Chips, Chocolate, Pepsi .. those drugs) :p 

Which me the luck :)

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