Friday, May 31, 2013

BYE MAY HELLO JUNE! Keep calm, tomorrow is June! Like I'm in a dream, this year June arrives so fast and actually I'm so excited for it! This month, will be such a full month of activities, from weddings, engagements, graduation, birthdays, shopping & finally photographing. Keep be up-to-date with me and my recent actives on Instagram (@Ghandoora94).

June.. please be legendary :D
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

BANGS ARE BACK! New hair, new mood. As you guys might have noticed if you are playing Stardoll.com or if you follow me on Facebook, there's been since a couple of days a little change, or maybe even a big one. I must admit that I hate having the same hair as all the other members have, and I'm not perfect at designing new hair, but I was getting really tired of my classic middle part and needed absolutely, desperately something new and fresh to try out.

So here I am, introducing you my new hair style! Bangs for the win, bangs are back and I feel so happy about them. I don't know yet if I'll keep them for a long time but I love the edgy touch they add to my looks and this haircut fits perfectly to a rock n' chic look which I'll be playing with in the following days. My rule is to never be afraid of a little change, life is too short and it's always nice to try new things out. Either it is food, or music or even a hair style!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I WANT IT TURQUOISE I must admit that this looks is one of my favorites looks so far, so stylish and gives you the spirit of summer and beach. It's a pure non-superstar look for less than 100 starcoins! What do you think about it?

Snap overall top - PIVIERA 
Closing night clutch - VOILE 
White studded platforms
Black ribbon belt 
Owl necklace
Teal pants
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Saturday, May 25, 2013


HAPPY 67TH INDEPENDENCE DAY JORDAN So today is 25th.May a national holiday in Jordan because of the independence day, it's a chance for all Jordanians to recall achievements and seek more development for the great country, that is lead by the wise Hashemites. Jordan won its independence and was declared as The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on May 25,1946 following the end of the British mandate.

 On Independence Day
Here wishing our dreams of a new
Tomorrow come true for us 
Now & always!  

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

1 DAY, 100 PICTURES I don't know if that ever happens to you guys (it definitely should if you're a bad-ass nerdy geek addicted to your I-phone/Galaxy and especially to Instagram) but I constantly have to delete pictures in order to make space on my phone for new ones... And it really starts to get to my nerves. I am too damn lazy to connect my phone to my laptop and just empty the card... So I prefer to wait 10 minutes and delete 40 pictures before being allowed to take one, especially when a special occasion shows up (very ironic, I know). 
I am really rad about posting instant pictures during all my little adventures. I feel like it's so nice first of all because it brings a connection and interaction. I tend to post quite a lot, but honestly as a follower too I love profiles that are very active and Instagram became a real work tool for www.ghandoora94.blogspot.com as we share a lot of updates on it. Enjoy these pictures and follow me (@Ghandoora94) for more updates!

Mom .. I know that you won't let me down! Thanks for writing my report for my lecture / Finally, I've made my purchase .. Love my newest shoes.

Don't know if I'm the only one who have these cute emotions on Facebook chat! / Enjoyed preparing the  lunch, spent more than 2 hours playing with pasta & flour

It's the second time we've prepared this dish فتتة جاج in one week last month / One of the best shampoo I've used till today .. Love Sunsilk newest bottle & smell.

Perfect weather outside last week, I really need something salty to eat / What I wore today love my newest high waisted pants & this purple necklace

With my sister at her university. / Nothing will be better than having a hot cup of green tea while studying.

#Palestine .. In our hearts / Good morning #Amman #Jordan 

Have just finished blogging! / Enjoying that cozy feeling in the last day of the weekend on my bed with my little rabbit 'dudu'

New item in my room! Duck Candle / It's Shaun The Sheep

The weather wasn't good at all last weeks! So, I enjoyed the sun and I redecorate my wardrobe. / On my way to the university; wearing my new golden shoes & chain bag.

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Friday, May 17, 2013

LIFE CAN'T GET WORST MORE THAN THIS! You have final exams? It's okay you're going to study to get high marks .. but you have TWO final exams in a one day? That's the problem, next week I'm going to start my final exams for the second semester for me in the university. On Tuesday I'm having Management in Islam & Local Management, in Wednesday I'm having Quantitative Analysis & Management Information System (MIS), and finally in Thursday I'm having an easy exam about sports. Actually, I'm worried about my exams in Wednesday because my total in the two subjects are really high, can imagine that my total in Quantitative Analysis is 49 out of 50 which is something will not repeat?!

So, I thought to share with you some photos (sorry for the bad quality) for my colorful desk, as you see my nerd Bebe is here and obviously something delicious while studying (you know what I'm talking about huh? Chips, Chocolate, Pepsi .. those drugs) :p 

Which me the luck :)

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

 HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! Hope you are having a very enjoyable and relaxing Saturday with your loved ones. I got the prettiest bright colorful eggs from my friends last week. Even though I don't celebrate Easter, but I love it's spirit when a cute little bunny delivers chocolates, the weather warms, and it’s a chance to spend time with family and friends… Oh yes and the eggs!
Enjoy the rest of your day and have a great week ahead! xoxo 

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

NERD'S GLASSES I must say that everyone who lives in 2013 needs Nerd's Glasses in her/his life, you know, it turns you 180 degree and gives you that glamorous look. I was lucky enough to get these glasses from a couple of weeks ago when I joined Star Academy. Let's now talk about this outfit, which I'm totally crazy about itPerfect for traveling, huh?

 Midnight heels - Tingeling
 Bright wedding blouse - VOILE 
Light purple tight with patterns - Aplies Ski 
Luxury travel purse set - FILM THEORY CLASSIC 
The necklace is made from red and diamond silver - GLAM R US

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

THE ICONIC CAT EYE You guys might have noticed that I do almost every single day the same make-up. I've gotten really attached to it and it became sort of part of me, like you know when you really like a pair of jeans: it suits you so damn well you want to wear it every single day because you feel so confident, comfortable and good in it. Well it's exactly my case with the cat eye.

A lot of you have been asking me how I do it, trust me it's super easy once you got the trick and got used to it. At the beginning it could take me up to 1-2 minutes to do a really good one. Now I'll make one in 20 seconds. The best advice I could give is to use an eye liner pen, here I used the DOT Black Eyeliner but you can just as much use one from any brand, it just have to have this special pencil/brush tip. So here's my technique to achieve the perfect cat eye look! 
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