Quick Update

Sunday, April 14, 2013

 LIFE CAN BE HARD ... SOMETIMES! First of all I'm making this post like a quick update explaining why I'm not blogging here recently, at the beginning I'd like to apologizing for not posting here as I used to before, I didn't left the blog, and also I didn't take a break from blogging! I'm just having a problem with my laptop and I'm not having the enough time to fix it due to my mid-term exams in my university, so that's why I'm not posting in the blog anything these days.

Unfortunately, I upgraded my membership in Stardoll.com to became a "Royatly" in 21th.Apr for one month, but it seems that I did that in the wrong time, I'm not enjoying my virtual luxury time at all due to the reasons I mentioned above, which gives me that annoying and angry feelings. 

Wish you all a happy Sunday :)
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