Sunday, March 31, 2013

 GOSH, first of all peeps sorry for being a little absent on the blog lately, I've skipped my Friday post which usually never happens, like never ever ever! I finally finished my first term exams in my university and honestly I'm thinking about enjoying these weeks as soon as I finished some photo sessions and the only one thing I wanted to do: sleep and sleep and eat and sleep. So that's what I did, and I am glad that I took this time to rest because now I am full of energy and back with tons of new pictures! Here are your monthly updates with some pictures you may saw them if you're following my on Instagram @Ghandoora94

BTW: What do you think about these Swiss Easter chocolate filled with strawberries I got it last Thursday from my friend? I want to take advantage of this and say: Happy-Easter everyone  

Sweet things inside these shopping bag I've bought them / Love this pinkish pickles! So girly ;)

In kitchen preparing a chilli tomato sauce / Perfect white jacket for the spring found it on forever21

It's the 5th time that we've made this Palestinian dessert 'كولاج' this week / Spent great 6 hours today of fun, shopping & eating with my sister. 

 Which one to eat first from these lollipop? Orange OR Purple? / A bright long wavy hair without using any kind of gels! ;)

What a bad feeling! / Italian lunch for tonight! Macaroni time 

In my university! A huge crowdedness because of a festival / Some of my favorite products from Johnson that makes you feel you're in real heaven :)

Pomegranate .. You makes me feel I'm in heaven / One of the best items I've bought them this winter! #loveit 

 2009 .. Memories won't comeback! In a Korean mood <3 br="" break="" shopping.="" time="" while="">

 It's sugar time! Preparing a delicious cupcake with my mum / 28.Feb sky at 7:30 A.M

I'm such a lucky girl who's going to lick these two / Cocoa with milk means that Cream is ready! Yummy :D
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