Sunday, March 03, 2013

SOME FEELINGS Sometimes, some seconds could let you fly away what if these were some minutes from Disney?! One of the best parts of Disney's recent release of Wreck-It Ralph was the black & white short film that came along with it. Titled Paperman, the animated story of a young man's quest to meet the girl of his dreams has gained quite a bit of popularity all on its own. It easily deserves to win; as good as the other nominees are, nothing manages to be quite as touching, quite as impressive, or quite as aware of the legacy of the past of animation while pointing towards the future of the medium, as this is.

The film tells the story of a guy who notices a woman on the train platform and then in the office window across the street from his building. Stuck in a paper-pushing prison of an office, he does his best to catch her attention but is at the mercy of the wind's whim, as it takes his paper airplanes far from their intended destinations.
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