Sunday, February 24, 2013

SWEET, SOUR & SALTY let all these three tastes play in your mouth together and enjoy the real taste of this colorful food! Personally, I'm kind of person who like to have a small amount of many dishes rather than having one big dish only. So, this was my newest idea for this post I planned it with my mum last week.We spent like the whole day preparing these delicious dishes starting from the main course we had prepared it for the first time and it's like so sweet because of them mix in it, Aubergine with yoghourt and bread with some vegetables.

-  Aubergine with yoghourt and bread
- Beet, Sweet Potato and steamed 
- Fried Potato and Aubergine 
- CarrotsVermicelli Soup
- Chilli sauce with corn   
- Colorful green salad 
- Dates

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