Saturday, February 09, 2013

GETTING PAMPERED When the lovely sister called you to go to hair salon with her to spend some beauty time there, simply no one would say no and that's what I did. Personally, I'm kind of girls who would love to spend her life in a beauty salon, no doubt that it's our favorite place so far. 
So as usual you have to book an appointment at a salon to get a manicure, or new hair cut, so we chose to go there at 4:00 PM when sun is set (the perfect time to relax and took a good picture for sunset). I just love love the spirit of the salon from bamboo certain to small kind of stones between the beauty stuff, and also I love this idea of coming for a couple of hours at the salon after a lazy holiday I spent it and before starting the new semester in my university! And I want to apologize for not posting the last week I was so busy!


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