Nescafé Morning

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! I wasn’t thinking that I’m going to make a post today since I’m not preparing a new post yet and also I'm feeling so lazy to blogging, but while I was studying, a tasty idea comes into my mind when I saw my Nescafé cup with some Orange cupcakes me and my mum prepared them yesterday and the sun shines on my desk I said "WooHoo, It's blogging time!"
I’m not sure if I’m the only one in this world who got headache after drinking Nescafé, but from time to time I love to have it in morning with something sweet especially when I'm feel that my mood is perfect.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

SWEET, SOUR & SALTY let all these three tastes play in your mouth together and enjoy the real taste of this colorful food! Personally, I'm kind of person who like to have a small amount of many dishes rather than having one big dish only. So, this was my newest idea for this post I planned it with my mum last week.We spent like the whole day preparing these delicious dishes starting from the main course we had prepared it for the first time and it's like so sweet because of them mix in it, Aubergine with yoghourt and bread with some vegetables.

-  Aubergine with yoghourt and bread
- Beet, Sweet Potato and steamed 
- Fried Potato and Aubergine 
- CarrotsVermicelli Soup
- Chilli sauce with corn   
- Colorful green salad 
- Dates

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FROM ASTRONOMY! This is an old look I made it from a while, and I forgot to show it you guys! Every single item from this look is just PERFECT! I'm not into a metal look but I don't mind to have all of them in reality in my wardrobe. So, let's talk about the items:

Splendid inspired bag - De La Renta 
Faux Croc - Windows on the world
Purple soft trim shoes - RIO
Black leggins - RIO 
Metal spike headband
 High monsters glasses
 Sharp bracelets -Voile.
Futuristic vest 
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Monday, February 18, 2013


LUXURY TASTE I think about making this post about Ladurée shop since not so many of people in MiddleEast know it even it has so many branches in UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Kuwait, KSA & Lebanon! Well, it's dream of mine is to someday travel to Paris. I am a huge macaron lover and Paris is like the origin of macarons. One place that I am really keen to visit is the patisserie giant known to the world as Ladurée; (a maker of luxury cakes and pastries, it is known as the inventor of the double-decker macaron) after I saw that so many bloggers went there and tried their macaron or had a lovely breakfast or bought some souvenirs such as; candles, perfumes, soaps, gift boxes and so on! 

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

GHADEER AL-MASRI ON INSTAGRAM As some of you guys don't have instagram (actually you should totally consider getting it if you haven't already : it's so much fun. It's really amazing if you have some friends or contacts abroad and that you'd like to follow their live updates, much more addictiv than twitter in my opinion, believe me) I've decided to share on my blog from time to time some of my favourite shots from my Instagram feed. 

These are some little souvenirs taken spontaneously during our trips and projects, some pictures that are perhaps sometimes more personal as well as some shots of my favorite products or food of the moment. If you'd like to follow me, search for the username @Ghandoora94, can you believe somebody already took @Ghandoora? I was quite pissed off when I found out... I hope you guys will enjoy this article, we are preparing for you a really cool surprise post for tomorrow and already can't wait to share the news with you. By the way, do you guys have a favorite picture? I would be super curious to know.

How sweet is it! Love my cherry tomato <3 cassette="" crazy="" favorite="" horrible="" s="" that="" went="" when="" your="">

Delicious Fillet for a dinner // For the first time, we voted today in the election, what about you? 

Another mean of Winter: love the smell & taste of the grilled potato // I'm in love with my brother's 5 cats! One of them is called Falafel ;)

Perfect color for a nail polish! // OMG, I'm in love with my newest honey jar! Watch out; bee is here :p

Sunset view from my balcony this afternoon <3 :="" a="" and="" back="" delicious="" dessert="" having="" i="" nbsp="" orange="" studying="" to="">
Lovely weather outside! It's really perfect for hanging out // We we're preparing a delicious dinner, but unfortunately I was sick so I wasn't be able to have the real taste of the food! :(

Love the sky this afternoon! Mix between blue & pink // The power of Mascara ;)

So excited for my newest headband for this summer // Countdown for my corn! Yummy
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Friday, February 15, 2013

HAPPYFRIDAY! I'm just missing blogging, I'm not having the enough time to think about new post or do some photography, so I moved to my virtual world; stardoll to show you my breakfast table that I'm looking forward to have one looks like it in reality when I got married :P

Personally, like everyone, I love to have on my breakfast eggs with orange jam or honey with cheddar cheese and a cup of tea! Maybe if I got enough time next week I can give you a look about my daily breakfast! In the mean time, enjoy your weekend and happy Friday :)
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Saturday, February 09, 2013

GETTING PAMPERED When the lovely sister called you to go to hair salon with her to spend some beauty time there, simply no one would say no and that's what I did. Personally, I'm kind of girls who would love to spend her life in a beauty salon, no doubt that it's our favorite place so far. 
So as usual you have to book an appointment at a salon to get a manicure, or new hair cut, so we chose to go there at 4:00 PM when sun is set (the perfect time to relax and took a good picture for sunset). I just love love the spirit of the salon from bamboo certain to small kind of stones between the beauty stuff, and also I love this idea of coming for a couple of hours at the salon after a lazy holiday I spent it and before starting the new semester in my university! And I want to apologize for not posting the last week I was so busy!


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Sunday, February 03, 2013

 MY HOLIDAY IS ALREADY FINISHED! Most people say either school or university days were the best of their lives. But, personally I'd say that holiday days were much better than studying! It was supposed to be back to my university this Sunday for the second semester, but I prefer to extend my holiday and to stay at home, I know that I have had the most horrible holiday ever! I didn't have any fun, I didn't go out, but I'll enjoy throw away the old books I studied them last semester! :D
Anyway, I took these photos for things I'll use them for a fresh comeback! I'm in love with this yellow Agenda from my sister. What about you? 

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