Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pictures from 2012 So, as usual and as you used to read on my blog, the monthly post which is it TwitGoodies, the mixed photos from my real life, and this time you're going to see some photos I've taken them in 2012 and in 2013.

In the last month of 2012, I didn't had so much fun due to studying for my final exams! But, I managed to take some cool photos in the first month of 2013 when it started to snow and enjoined baking with my mother different kinds of pastries! I hope you like the post for today and in the mean while, don't forget to follow me on Instagram @Ghandoora94 and on Twitter @Ghandoora

Wish you all a happy holiday :D

Enjoying the snow, drinking hot milk with cake // Off to bed! Can you see my eyes? :p

Fog, fog & fog! // It's relaxing time: Baking with my mum.

 Drinking cocktail and preparing my first giveaway on the blog! You can enter by clicking here // Action movie happened today with my shoes in the snow! A day that won't be forgotten ^^

It's -3c outside and it's snowing! YAY  // Small pizza I've prepared it with my mum.

BEBE is my lovely bear which gives me the luck every time I woke up in the morning // I love eating Orange Cake at night, I don't know why!!

Such a great smell! It's Kofta time :) // What a heavy traffic jam!

What I like to do most when it's raining, obviously writing on the window // Late morning full of honey cereal 

Drinking Karawyeh and studying for final exams // Clouds after rainy weather yesterday!

Election's posts everywhere in my faculty! // Love this simple red clutch from Concorde <3

 Old picture from 2012, I was spending the last days at the university! A semester to remember // Our lunch in the first day of 2013 was Mahashee :)

Some num nums while studying, love this mixed cheese. // Goodmorning studying! 

What a colorful salad! So yummy! // Trying out new hairstyles :)

Instead of eating Falfel as a traditional dish in Friday, Why don't we eat it in Thursday? // It is real! It's started to snow :)
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  1. Nice pictures. My favourite is probably of the red clutch :)