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Saturday, December 01, 2012

I found an unusual doll - wwwhhhiiitteee !
There is nothing to say, except of white. Everything is white on her whole page, except of her skin. 
As you can see, her favorite color is white. 
Her presentation is really nice, especially how she explained all:

"It's just so... perfect, you know? It reminds me of wonderful things. It's like when I was in elementary school and I used to look up at the clouds and wonder what was inside; like if it was a whole other world where everything and everyone was just white. It also makes me think of heaven, snow, glitter, feathers, coconuts, rushing water, sugar, and a blank canvas; potential artwork.

Here are the answers to my most frequently asked questions:

Why do I like white so much?I think I mostly answered that already. I just love it. It's timeless, clean and beautiful.
Is everything I own in real life white?No of course not! But almost everything I buy is white. But just because someone gives me a black shirt doesn't mean I'm not gonna accept it. I'll just wear my white jacket over it.
Am I racist?No way, not even close! My name isn't "wwwhhhiiitteee" because I only like white people. LOL.
Do I like any other colors?I love ALL colors. The strange thing about white light is that it's a spectrum; every single color is present. So when all colors come together, you see white. Amazing, isn't it? But anyway, my love for white does overpower all the other colors. But the way I see it, everything in the world is beautiful; just some things more beautiful than others.
Why did you decide to make an account like this?Because I think people get tired of going to stardoll pages that all look the same. When you come across a page like this, it's so different that it's almost a shock... in a good way. "

This is a snapshot of her suite:
What do YOU think ? Let me know !

xoxo Clara//Clara_Clary
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